Corporate Spirit


A spark of wisdom, the source of inspiration, the fruit of wisdom
Innovation is the core value of Prince Real Estate and we've been highly attentive to innovation since our conception. Service and management innovation has provided us with a strong foundation and drives us towards the constant progress of Prince Real Estate. It is only through our strong innovative mindset that allows us the upper hand within the competitive market.


A well-oiled engine which pushes through all limitations
Efficiency is one of the core values of Prince Real Estate and we attribute great importance to working efficiently and gradually cultivating an efficient planning team and an organized, disciplined and competitive marketing team. Time waits for no man, and in Prince Real Estate, we forge a well-balanced work life habit so as to gain a foothold in the future, seizing the day and making every minute count.

Team Spirit

Commitment to excellence through tolerance and unity
Team spirit is one of the core principles for Prince Real Estate during the recruitment stages. We emphasize highly on cultivating the team spirit of our employees, and to have this virtue as an important criterion for all. The power of the individual is limited but the strength of the team is endless. Here at Prince Real Estate, we greatly value those who visualizes the big picture, holds a firm belief, and possesses the virtue of team spirit.


Ultimate customer satisfaction, constant employee growth, eternal corporate progress
Achieving a win-win situation is another core value here at Prince Real Estate. We place great emphasis in achieving a harmonious development of the corporation. With this mindset, it guides the business decision-making cycle and strives to achieve results as such for customers (satisfaction), employees (growth) and our partners (benefits). With a broadened vision, we actively strive to enhance the value of the entire industry and achieve a harmonious and win-win situation for all stakeholders.